Purim at English Cake

Traditional Oriental Sweets Festival

This year on Purim, you can enjoy our elegant Michloach Manot trays (25 NIS – 150 NIS), including the best of English Cake:

Chebakia | Cigar pastry filled with ground almonds | peanut cookies | nut tartlets made of crispy dough and filled with hazel nuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, in a caramel-honey mixture | nuts/dates Ma'amoul | baked almond marzipan | and more…

We have pre-packed Michloach Manot trays, or you can compose it, your way, in our store with a variety of elegant trays purchased just for Purim.

Also available in our stores – Hammantash packages with a variety of stuffings: chocolate/nuts/poppy-seeds/dates/halva.

This year, English cake offers dairy Hammantash in flavors of white chocolate and hazel nut-chocolate.
Sugar-free and whole wheat Hammantash are offered in a variety of flavors: poppy seeds/nuts/chocolate. We also have gluten-free Hammantash filled with poppy-seeds or chocolate.

Happy Purim!

For orders please call: 02-6734369 / 02-6734424

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