About us

About Us

English cake is a chain of bakery shops operating in 13 Mehadrin Kosher locations all over Israel.
The secret of English Cake is in its quality – of labor, professionalism, ingredients and freshness (no baking additives). This results in fine pastries, homemade taste and the highest quality.
Our main purpose here in English Cake is to give you fine homemade pastries. Our chain offers a selection of high quality delicatessen, in a cozy atmosphere and the highest level of service. Our cafés offer indulgent breakfasts, salads, quiches, sandwiches, toasts and rich desserts.

English cake chain offers a variety of sweets:
Bourekas pastries | croissants | packaged cakes | pie cakes | strudels | steered cakes | cream cakes | birthday cakes (designed sugar dough available) | sugar-free products | whole wheat products |cakes, cookies and mousse without wheat flour


Gluten-free cakes and mousses
All of our cafés are Mehadrin Kosher, certified by the main rabbinate and Chug Chatam Sofer Bnei Brak

Sweet treasures for special events

The English Cake cafés offer a wide selection of pastries for bachelorette parties, Henna parties and any other event. Our delicious food will be your new standard for fun. English Cake's sweets are baked in a variety of styles – traditional and trendy – according to your type of event

Henna sweets are made of honey-coated cakes, which are a symbol of luck. These include: Almond cigar | Baklawa – thin layers of dough filled with almonds, pistachios, Shabkiya and more.
Setting the mood for the Henna party, these sweets are served on decorated trays.

More desserts for your events

English cake offers a rich selection of desserts for any type of event: rich Belgian chocolate desserts made of high quality chocolate, cocoa butter, honey and halva – for parties and/or any other trendy event.
English cake's exciting sweets can make your event exciting. We make them dairy or non-dairy. Orders are accepted 10 days in advance.


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